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About Forbest hosting staff

We promise you that you can speak with any person you wish Including the owners of Forbest Hosting or The Voss Services Group Just call or email them when needed..

I can promise you that it is easier to speak to any person on our staff then if you was with a competitor. NO Matter how big a company gets.. it should always listen to its customers and make their experience enjoyable to the best of the companies abilities.

Meet Our Leadership Team

  • Tim McCune - ceo

Founding the company approached Mike join in Jan 1998. then Taling to a merger with then websoftUK in 1999.

  • Rick Voss - ceo

Founder of websoftuk then changed then changed the name after the merger in 1999 to TVSG

  • Mike King -ceo (Passed 2006)

Passed away in July of 2006 at the age of 26. He helped recover the company after Sept. 2001.

  • Nick Proctor - General Manager

Nick Was hired on as staff in 2012 after being a client for 8 years. Nick has an extensive knowledge to teamspeak and web hosting.

  • Jacen Moore - Customer Service

Jacen was hired in 2014. He is new to the team and still in training.

  • Christy McCune - Customer Service

Christy was hired in 2014. He is new to the team and still in training.


More about us

About our team

You will get treated fair. Most of our all of our staff are also customers. So we understand your needs and will make sure that we answer each question everytime.

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