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Anti-Spam Policy

Our clients certify that they will use our services only to send messages (including, without limitation, text messages and commercial emails) to customers and prospects that have expressly consented (opted-in) to receive them. Our clients are forbidden to transmit unsolicited text messages or commercial email (spam) via our system. Forbest Hosting does not buy or sell email or phone number lists, nor do we allow our clients to use purchased or harvested email or phone number lists (see below).

Additionally, for email messages, Forbest Hosting offers confirmed opt-in as an optional tool for our clients to use to help minimize allegations of spam and abuse. When a list is designated as "confirmed opt-in," Forbest Hosting's system automatically sends a follow-up email message to each subscriber on such lists asking the recipient to verify that they wish to receive communications via email message. Only those subscribers responding affirmatively will be opted-in to future mailings/messages sent via the Forbest Hosting system. For text messages, Forbest Hosting offers a “double opt-in” functionality that our clients can use to confirm their subscribers’ agreement to receive text messages from them. It is our clients’ responsibility to ensure that any legally required disclosures are provided to their customers and prospects at the time and in the manner required by any applicable law.

We additionally require that clients reconfirm (permission pass) or stop mailing/messaging an existing list when it is determined to be in violation of our anti-spam policies. Repeated violations or failures to comply with our policies may result in termination of that client's access to the Forbest Hosting system. If an industry or government group creates a list of email addresses, telephone numbers or other addresses whose status has changed--such as email addresses added to a “do not contact” list or telephone numbers that have been assigned to a new user--Forbest Hosting reserves the right to block messages from being sent to those addresses/numbers. However, the responsibility for ensuring compliance with any obligation to refrain from sending messages to such addresses/numbers rests with our customers. Forbest Hosting shall not be liable either for blocking or for any failure to block messages to such addresses or phone numbers.


Our clients agree not to send text messages or commercial emails via our system unless the recipient has opted-in to receive such messages in the manner required by any applicable law. For any opt-in list of email addresses or phone numbers used in Forbest Hosting's system, clients agree to provide us with the source of the addresses/numbers, the method used for recipient opt-in, and details surrounding the process used, and whatever other information relates to the transaction or sign-up process used. This includes, but isn't limited to, date and time of sign up, IP address of signup, website signed up from, disclosures provided in connection with the signup, manner of obtaining agreement, and whatever other information the client asked of the recipient at point of sign up.

Our clients certify that they will not use rented or purchased lists, email append lists, or any other list that contains email addresses/phone numbers captured in any other method than express opt-in when using our system to send text messages or commercial emails. The use of opt-out lists for such communications is prohibited in our system. Forbest Hosting retains the right to review client lists and emails/text messages to verify that clients are abiding by the privacy and permission policies set forth herein. Our clients are required to comply with our policies and all applicable laws.


We use the information we've collected for the following general purposes: to customize the content you see, fulfill your requests for products and services, improve our services, contact you, conduct research, and provide anonymous reporting statistics.


We use security measures designed to protect against the loss, misuse and mistaken alteration of data used by our system. We promise not to sell the email addresses and phone numbers our clients used in our systems. Please review our Privacy Policy for more details.


You should only receive commercial emails and text messages sent through our system that you have agreed to receive from our clients. Our clients certify that all email addresses and phone numbers used in our system for text messages or commercial emails are opt-in contacts for people who have given permission to our clients to send them emails and/or text messages. As we indicate above, Forbest Hosting does not allow nor desire that any client use our services to send unwanted text messages or commercial emails. If you don't recognize who sent you a message, see the next section.


If you don't recognize who used the Forbest Hosting service to send you a given message, you can report it to us as spam by sending it (or, in the case of a non-email message, by sending an explanation) to We receive, investigate, catalog, and take appropriate action based on complaints we receive. Alternatively, or in addition, feel free to report the message to a spam reporting entity. For example, Spamcop at provides an easy way to report unwanted mail as spam. You can also use your email provider's (AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo) "report as spam" mechanism to notify the ISP that the message is spam. ISPs use this information to determine good senders from bad senders, and we regularly work with ISPs to take action based on that data.


ForBest Hosting monitors Your use of the Service to ensure that it is in compliance with this Policy and may suspend or terminate Your account if You are in violation of it. This action will be taken with no legal injunction or notice, but many be followed by additional legal actions in order to exempt ForBest Hosting from any responsibility related to the misuse of the Service. For example, in the case of any violation of intellectual property laws or a third party’s intellectual property rights. In addition to monitoring the activity of current customers, We pre-qualify new users of the Service with the objective of building a community of selected users of first-class ranking. ForBest Hosting’s customer vetting process is based on MAAWG’s Vetting Best Common Practices. We have no intention to acquire a new customer that intends to misuse the Service to send unsolicited messages, as this can hurt our network operations, our reputation and the reputation of other companies using the Serivce, and our relationships with ISPs and Blacklist managers. To this extent ForBest Hosting may take some time to approve Your account before you are allowed to use the Service, and it reserves the right to refuse to provide the Service to anyone.


Over the years We have built strong relationships with many of the world’s leading ISPs and Blacklists. With them We keep sharing information regarding policies, practices and potential issues. Any ISP, mail administrator or blacklist owner intending to assist us to provide a better service or to ask for our cooperation is very welcome to do so: please email us at